Thursday, September 18, 2008

Millions of Mini Ramps

When I was growing up skateboarding in NY, I knew a lot of skateboarders but almost nobody I knew had a halfpipe. That was the kind of thing you saw in magazines, in pictures from California. The ones that were around on the East coast were usually either super-sketchy or even more sketchy. And small halfpipes were generally looked down on as 'beginner' ramps, to be abandoned or torn down once you were ready for vert. Nowadays, it's a whole different thing - as you can see from this site. Mini ramps are all the rage - less pain, less space required, good for skaters of all abilities, and better for today's technical tricks. The free ramp plans distributed by Rick Dahlen have been used to create ramps all over the world, and many are pictured here. It's like a dream - an endless plywood playground.

Mini Ramp Photos



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