Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Republicans say "War On!"

My 7-year old brought this home from school recently. It's his idea for a band name and logo. I think it's pretty damn cool! I mean, I'd buy that album! The California state flag is a nice touch too, very DKs.

Funny though, this was making me think about the decisions I impose on my kids' information intake. We're pretty conservative when it comes to TV, movies and videogames, but we certainly don't hide the newspaper. They ask us what we're talking about, and we tell them. And when it comes to pop culture, I try to turn my kids on to the stuff I like, because I don't want to be subjected to Barney, The Wiggles, or endless Disney tie-ins. My kids listen to the Ramones, The Clash, The Who, Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest, and other good music.

And you know what? If this is the result, I feel completely vindicated.



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