Monday, June 29, 2009

Neil Young and Paul McCartney do "Day in the Life" live

It's great to see our musical heroes enjoying themselves, and this is a good example - Neil Young plays the classic Beatles song live in Hyde Park and Paul comes out to sing along. Talk about two guys who are at ease with themselves as they get older... I know Paul was always very competitive with the Beatles' contemporaries, and Neil Young was supposedly a pretty controlling guy to work with as well, but here they just seem to be enjoying each other and having fun. Imagine if they had done this kind of thing in the 60s!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unnecessary Tooth Zoom - Waaaaaaah!

This is pretty wild - zooming into a tooth, you can see the structure of enamel and even the atomic structure of one of the crystals that make it up. Good reminder to brush your teeth - the enamel is porous, and your body only makes it once.

HAARM: Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine

This is awesome - and depressing too. It's Awe-pressing.