Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No, Not THAT Maverick

This deliciously retro browser game from Armor Games comes pretty close to the experience of an original Atari 2600... it's wild - with its monochrome style (to paraphrase Guru from Gangstarr). I think there's fertile ground for game developers here, as they concoct vintage-style games using the language from modern games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto. In this game, you are a vintage-looking cowboy in a vintage looking CRT landscape, and you move around by using the recoil from your six-shooter - a mechanic known from the RPGs of FPSs (FTW!). Of course, using the power of your PC (infinitely more powerful than the puny game processors of the 70s and early 80s), the game throws curveballs galore with sideways and reverse gravity, save points, and other goodies. I haven't yet made it to the end to "get instructions from the talking pig" but I love the lo/hi quality setting, which enables slowly scrolling diagonal lines like you used to get on your Atari due to RF interference. Nice touch!

Play Maverick

Thanks, Indie Games



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