Wednesday, December 3, 2008 - DJ Mudfoot Show #2

(Note: I deleted the video from this page because I couldn't get it not to auto-play.)

This thing is perty cool. The other night I fired up the laptop and started broadcasting, then I got on AIM and invited some old friends from the Betalounge - we ended up having a little late night mashup session with folks dialed in from Northern California, Maine and Tokyo! The above video is a clip, the entire show is archived on my channel. You'll notice a couple of things - one, the audio and video quality sucks. That's because I'm out in the garage on a weak wi-fi connection, I gotta do something about that. I think I'm going to take a 100-ft ethernet cable and run it out my front door around the back to the garage.

The other thing you'll notice is me getting up close to the camera and grinning. That's because I'm chatting with 2 old friends, who used to do the same thing with me in 1996! It was a complete blast from the past. Back then we used an ISDN modem and realaudio, we were laughing because while this is much easier now, the audio quality was about the same. I'm going to fix that!

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