Monday, October 13, 2008

Dubstep Protest Song: "CCTV"

Add to the list of artists protesting the British big-brotherly CCTV program LV and Dandelion, a dubstep producer and reggae vocalist recording on Kode 9's Hyperdub Records. This is the duo's second release on the label, and it's even better than the first - a subsonic bounce through dubber's paradise with a not-so-paranoid message that resonates like rusty springs in a Roland Space Echo reverb unit. Currently in heavy heavy rotation on my turntable. A sampling of the lyrics:

So give a smile to the camera you see
You're on CCTV
They can see you, they can see me
So give a wave to the authority

Label head Kode 9 is one of the most prolific and innovative producers in the dubstep genre, which is known for its innovation, so I highly recommend checking out this release and anything else from the label or from Kode 9 himself. You can hear some of the track on the Hyperdub myspace page - the 12" and mp3 are available anywhere fine dubstep is sold.

LV feat. Dandelion: "CCTV" on the Hyperdub myspace page

Kode 9 on myspace



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